A couple of weeks ago I ran across a very interesting tool called Feature Builder.  As I watched the videos about this tool I realized that it represented an opportunity to deliver Hands on Labs (along with other interesting things) directly inside of Visual Studio.

If you have done some of our labs from the Visual Studio 2010 Training Kit then you are familiar with the way we have done labs in the past.  So to get started with Feature Builder I decided to update the Introduction to WF4 lab from the training kit and put the content into a VSIX package that you can download from Visual Studio Gallery and install directly in Visual Studio.

At this point, this is an experiment – I hope you like it.  Let me know what you think.

Watch endpoint.tv – Lab Introduction to WF4: Getting Started

Get Microsoft Silverlight



This Lab consists of the following exercises.  You can jump to any exercise in the lab at any time.  Just create a new project from the project template for the lab exercise

  • Exercise 1 – Hello Workflow (video)
  • Exercise 2 – Refactoring Workflow
  • Exercise 3 – The CodeActivity
  • Exercise 4 – Dynamic Workflows with XAML
  • Exercise 5 – Testing Activities
  • Exercise 6 – WorkflowApplication
  • Exercise 7 – If/Else Logic


      Intro To WF4 Hands On Lab (Visual Studio Gallery)
      Intro To WF4 Hands On Lab (MSDN Code Gallery)