Last year I went to Jordan to work with Microsoft on an ESB proof-of-concept for the Jordanian government. The press release below explains how it ended 🙂

I am really excited about this project. We have a stellar team forming around this project, and some very cool work ahead. .


Keep scrolling down, there are some good photos further down!



Here’s a picture from the contract signing:

Here’s a picture of Bill Gates and His Excellency the minister at the official contract signing kicking off this project (which happened at an e-government symposium in the UAE in January).


Here’s our official press release:



Enterprise Service Bus To Strengthen Jordanian Government’s e-Government Offerings

IRVINE, CALIF. – APRIL 25, 2008 – Neudesic, a leading Microsoft National Systems Integrator and Gold Certified Partner, recently ranked # 197 on the Inc. 500 List, has announced that it has been selected by Microsoft to assist with the implementation of an Enterprise Service Bus (ESB) for the Jordanian government.

“Microsoft’s selection of Neudesic for this strategically important project is a further testament of Neudesic’s leadership role in the services-oriented architecture and enterprise service bus space,” said Neudesic’s VP of Technology Tim Marshall.

The project will include the design, implementation and rollout of an ESB that will be used across all government ministries, and with external trading partners and agencies, to further extend, automate and streamline the range of government services that are available as e-government offerings to citizens and partners.

“We are looking forward to working with Microsoft and the Jordanian government to rollout an ESB that will serve as foundational infrastructure and meet their e-government communications needs for years to come,” said Brian Loesgen, Neudesic’s BizTalk architect for the project.  “The government has recognized that a contemporary services-oriented infrastructure would provide them with the most agile and flexible messaging and integration platform, and that the Microsoft technology stack was perfectly suited to their needs.”

Jordan has historically been at the vanguard of e-government services, offering efficient processes with completion time unheard of in many countries, such as passport issuance within 2 days and drivers’ licenses in 2 hours.  Their adoption of ESB messaging will strengthen this position.

“We look forward to working with Neudesic on this project.  With their proven track record of success and depth of experience with these technologies, they will ensure that the results of this project will meet, or exceed, the government’s expectations,” said Khaled Chebat, Microsoft’s Services Lead for the Eastern Mediterranean.


And lastly…

I work hard, and I play hard. I’m not the sort to sit in a hotel room wishing everything was just like at home. The Jordanian people are super-friendly, generous and hospitable (well, except for when they get behind a steering wheel :)). I had lots of fun last year exploring the country, and I have more great adventures planned.

Here’s a photo of me from a couple of weeks ago, at about 25 meters depth in the Red Sea, in front of the Cedar Pride wreck in Aqaba Jordan. It was deliberately sunk approx 25 years ago, and was far more interesting than other wrecks I’ve done. I took a bus down (about 4 hours) from Amman, spent the weekend in Aqaba, then took a taxi back following the Dead Sea route. I wanted to go that route primarily because the desert route would have been a steep altitude gain right at the start, not a good idea after a morning of diving, and as an added bonus, got the spectacular Dead Sea coast.

Much better way to spend my off-hours than hanging around the hotel watching CNN!

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