Local MS Developer pillar Andrew Coates spilled the beans on this next new language
to come out of MS Research.

Db.NET or ’D flat’ – F#, C# and the Cinderella of the 3 sisters ’VB.NET’

(Last year I was introduced to F# over a 5 month project and absolutely loved the
simplicity and freshness of it – async was simple, tasks, functions and code that
would normally take 400 lines in C#, we were able to do in 100 in F#)

It promises:

– speed

– optimisation (I wonder if it’ll be smart enough to run tasks on different CPU cores?)

There is a focus on Orchestration – data Orchestration found here http://thenextlanguage.net/a-focus-on-orchestration/

Where it talks about “An example of the close collaboration between the product team
and the company’s research arm is the use of Schenkerian Analysis in
the compiler to maximize orchestration between sections of the code.”

Oooh I thought – let’s check out what this is Schenkerian Analysis and
a quick check of Wikipedia reveals http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Schenkerian_analysis

Schenkerian analysis is a method of musical
of tonal music based on the theories of Heinrich
. The goal of a Schenkerian analysis is to interpret the underlying structure
of a tonal work. The theory’s basic tenets can be viewed as a way of defining tonality in
music. A Schenkerian analysis of a passage of music shows hierarchical relationships
among its pitches, and draws conclusions about the structure of the passage from this
hierarchy. The analysis is demonstrated through reductions of the music, using a specialized
symbolic form of musical notation that Schenker devised to demonstrate various prolongational
. The concept of tonal prolongation, in which certain pitches determine
the goal of other, subordinate pitches, is a cornerstone of the pitch hierarchy that
Schenkerian analysis involves itself with.”

So tones, pitches and music is where this algorithm has its rootsI can see how you
could take this analysis when applied to the frequency of music and apply it to the
frequency of code items; data being hit etc.

I’ll crack open this VS.2011 extension and see what transpires

Grab the TOOLS here – http://thenextlanguage.net/tools/

Blog Post by: Mick Badran