This evening was the .NET 3.0 Community Launch event at the Dallas

.NET User Group. With our trusted leader Omar away in Ft. Lauderdale, on

business I’m assured, Keith handled everything wonderfully and things went very smoothly.

Four local developers took turns walking us through the new features of .NET 3.0,

starting with Shane Holder doing a short introduction and Windows Workflow Foundation

mention. This was short on details but DDNUG had recently had a speaker on WF

so there was a reason.

Second up to bat was Abraham

Saldana talking about WCF, this was a good talk but short due to the launch event

format and I look forward to next month when DDNUG will be graced with the presence

of Sam Gentile to talk about WCF.

Third up, talking about the red headed step child of .NET 3.0, was Trent

Nix on Windows CardSpace. Trent doesn’t realize this but for sheer “it got

people talking” his presentation on WCS won the night hands down but more on that

later. It was an excellent overview of Card Space and it’s strengths and shortcomings.

Finally came my bud Dave O’Haratalking

about Windows Presentation Foundation. This was a good talk, driven by several

of the examples I had seen before but still very cool. It got a lot of interest

from the crowd, and he even put me on the spot at one point when pointing out the

namespaces at the top of the XAML pages for the quote:

“If it doesn’t have namespaces it’s nothing more than angle bracket delimited files.”

Which I believe it Scott Hanselman as butchered

by Tim Rayburn.

After the launch event several of us, Caleb,

Dave, Shane, Abraham, and some others went over to a place called “Hole in the Wall”

over on Harry Hines and 635. Burgers, Bikes and Blues rule the day here, but

on the back patio that night, under the glaring lights of Caleb’s

camera we had a great discussion about lots of stuff but mostly Identity, CardSpace

and OpenID. It was a great time talking with some really bright guys about the

pickle that is the Identity problem. Caleb recorded nearly the entire time for CommunityCast.TV and

yours truly even threw down a challenge to the community at large backed with dollars,

but for those details you’ll need to wait until Caleb gets the videos posted.