As part of my “M” end-to-end presentation in Stockholm last week, I came up with a way to walk through MSchema, MGrammar, MGraph and Intellipad that went over really well with the conference attendees. They “got” what I was talking about, rather than walking out with glazed-over eyes, so. As I’d put so much work into it and it seemed to resonate well with the audience, I thought I should record it and push it out to the world.

Caveat: although this is based on the now-current Oslo SDK, we are still pretty early on in the dev life cycle, so change is pretty much assured. As such, if you’re watching this in the year 2010, some of the things I say and do may no longer be applicable. However, for those here and now and interested in learning more about the Oslo modeling platform, I think you’ll find it of interest.

I had to do it at a fairly high resolution in order to fit everything I wanted to and still have the “code” legible (if you have a DSL that looks like a human language, is it still called “code”?).

The video is available here as an MP4, and here as an AVI.

Enjoy, and as always, comments and feedback are welcome.

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