In the wee early hours of the morning I recently got an email saying I had been awarded
a MVP for another year.

This time I got awarded as an Azure MVP coming from BizTalk
. My love has been BizTalk for the last 12 years (and even Site Server
before that for those that remember back that farno they didn’t have punch cards ).

As always I don’t feel this is personally my award, but more of an award to you, the
community with your hunger and thirst for knowledge to make a difference in your day
to day.

And of course thank you to Microsoft for your belief in the MVP program and individuals
such as myself.

The formal bits out of the way.I’m back for 2012/13!!! Should be a great yeargreat
tourand huge developments. Stay tuned.

My focus will be How to Integration and how-to integrate to/from Windows Azure.




Blog Post by: Mick Badran