This is a repost of Ahmed Irkakene’s mail to his fellow BizTalk colleagues.




I have been working with a customer last time to install several BTS 2009 systems.   Customer was cloning  his initial VMware system.

As a result he is facing problem with MSDTC:  “MSDTC not configured correctly.”

MSDTC component, during its transactional operations, needs basically SID and NetBios name to be resolved.

As you imagine without MSDTC, BizTalk server can’t do much.

When cloning system, the customer should:

1. Use sysprep tool to get a new SID for each system  ( DO NOT newsid tool as it’s NOT supported )

%u00f0 As a consequence, the system will be removed from its domain.

2. Re-install properly MSDTC

Before joining the domain again, please follow the steps below to make sure the MSDTC is correctly installed.

a. MSDTC -Uninstall

b. Reboot

c. MSDTC -Install

d. Reboot

Make sure the domain replication is occurred ( or force it to occur), otherwise you may get the following error even if the system joined the domain:

The security database on the server does not have a computer account for this workstation trust relationship

Also, one more important thing ( mainly when using static IP address but still valid for dynamic ones ):

As mentioned earlier, MSDTC needs name resolution and therefore “Enable NetBIOS over TCP/IP” should be enabled on all systems (adapters network) involved in the scenario.