Since it announcement Windows Azure is getting more and more attention also by us BizTalk guys lije myself in Holland. I witnessed the announcement of Windows Azure by Ray Ozzie during the keynote at PDC 2008 and I was amazed by it in fact that is a was brand new wave that is heading us: Cloud Computing. Currently it is at is at highpoint of hype-cycle and it has everybody’s attention. Coming year Microsoft in The Netherlands will fully focus on Azure, it’s coming issue of .NET Magazine in March will have Windows Azure as its theme and also Developer Days will have a very strong focus on Windows Azure.

I myself in future will expand my scope and will add some of my experiences from this platform here on my blog. I have joined the Dutch Windows Azure User Group and hopefully I can gain and share knowledge with other members the same way as in the BizTalk User Group.You can expect some stories coming in the near future. I did some post on the subject in the past, but I will try to do so more frequently. I would encourage you if you have not do so already to start investing time in this new technology. A good starting point is the Windows Azure Portal and reading Azure In Action, which is definitely an great resource for learning and understanding Azure.