StrokeIt is a fantastic piece of software that I just found: It allows mouse gestures in all of your Windows applications. It’s free for individual use, and a bargain $10 for use in corporate settings (details).

If you’ve never tried Mouse Gestures, you are really missing out. Essentially you hold down the right mouse button, draw a shape on screen, and “some action” happens depending on how you configure it.

It’s great for UI-intensive tasks, such as designing orchestrations or web browsing, as you can quickly and easily close windows/run explorer and so on without needing to either aim at small screen icons or have a hand permanently at the keyboard, freeing it up for other handy things such as holding a cup of tea while you work.

Current favourite gesture (I could make this a feature?) are drawing “E” for explorer and “C” for close window 🙂

Download it now!