Last Friday we spent time talking about Oslo, which included a drill into “M” and demos.  Doug Purdy and Chris Sells presented their session ’Developing RESTful Services and Clients with “M”’.   During the session, Doug demonstrated two DSLs: a sample DSL for RESTful client development called “MUrl”, and a second DSL called “MService” which targets RESTful service development.  These DSLs are part of our broader efforts to highlight how Oslo can help increase productivity in web development.   


We also announced a community-driven process for getting input on the “M” specification called the “M” Specification Community, or MSC.  The MSC is an online discussion group that we will use to gather feedback on the M specification, before we finalize it under the terms of the Open Specification Promise (OSP), a commitment we disclosed at PDC.  The MSC will allow a diverse set of industry folks to participate in M’s development, which will in turn make M an even better and more approachable tool for developers. We are interested in working with the industry to generalize an approach to model-driven programming and develop consistent programming concepts to make this a mainstream application development activity. 


So, join the MSC, download the Oslo CTP, and check out the DSLs here, and please keep the feedback coming. Web developers – we think this content is especially relevant to you, and are excited to hear what you think.