Has anybody seen a Vocabulary API for the rule engine? No? That’s probably because it seems to either be on its way out or never made it in the first place. According tothe BizTalk SDKThe following objects are exposed by Microsoft(r) BizTalk(r) Server 2004, but are not used in BizTalk Server programming.” These include the following from the Microsoft.RuleEngine Namespace

  • Vocabulary

  • VocabularyDefinition

  • VocabularyDefinitionDictionary

  • VocabularyDictionary

  • VocabularyInfo

  • VocabularyInfoCollection

  • VocabularyLink

All under the heading of “Unsupported BizTalk Classes”. So, I guess that means not to use them! Our guys are in the middle of doing a Biztalk Proof of Concept with MS at Reading, so I hope to get an answer on this!