I know Martijn H posted on this exception a while back but I think it’s worth regurtitating.  I’ve seen it a few times, a couple of times recently and a few times about a year ago.


Recently the issue was because a send port wasn’t enlisted so there wasn’t a subscriber for the message sent from the orchestration.  Last year, I was using direct binding and my context properties weren’t set up correctly (although a subscribing orchestration was enlisted) so the subscription wasn’t working.  If you see this error, make sure you don’t have a subscription issue related to sending a message from an orchestration.


Both times that I’ve run across this issue recently I’ve found KB895175 and thought it might be the issue, particularly because atomic scopes are involved.  Note that the status number in the KB (-1061151960) is slightly different than the error number I’m posting about (-1061151998).