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Do you feel difficult to keep up to date on all the frequent updates and announcements in the Microsoft Integration platform?

Integration weekly update can be your solution. It’s a weekly update on the topics related to Integration – enterprise integration, robust & scalable messaging capabilities and Citizen Integration capabilities empowered by Microsoft platform to deliver value to the business.

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Microsoft Announcements and Updates


Community Blog Posts



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  • Getting started with Azure Blockchain Service Part I: Deploy and configure your network
  • Getting started with Azure Blockchain Service Part II: Write and test smart contracts with VS Code
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How get started with iPaaS design & development in Azure?

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  • Azure Logic Apps: Getting Started
  • Azure Logic Apps: Fundamentals
  • Microsoft Azure Developer: Creating Enterprise Logic Apps
  • Microsoft Azure API Management Essentials
  • Azure Functions Fundamentals
  • Cloud Design Patterns for Azure: Availability and Resilience
  • Architecting for High Availability in Microsoft Azure


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