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Microsoft Integrate Conference DACH is one if not the most important event on Microsoft Integration in German-speaking countries, and I’m honored to be invited for the first time to this event.

I’m super excited about presenting at this event alongside great speakers and well-known Microsoft names like Clemens Vasters and Jon Fancey. I had presented in several places all over Europe and North America, but I never had a chance to deliver a session on the Alpine Countries. Unfortunately for me, it will be an online event to do this COVID-19 pandemic. Otherwise, I could revisit these countries that I know a little. In the past, I spent six months in Switzerland and visited Germany a few times.

This will be a two-day virtual event and I will be there on the second day presenting a session about Logic Apps. The title of my session will be Logic Apps: Anywhere, Everywhere.

Logic Apps: Anywhere, Everywhere

As I mentioned before, my session will be all about where and how we can use Logic Apps to address our integration needs .

Session name: Logic App: Anywhere, Everywhere.

Abstract: A walk-thru session on how and where we can or should use Logic Apps and start building fantastic business processes. We will be addressing topics like: what tools should you use: Azure Portal, Visual Studio, or Visual Studio Code. What kind of solutions you can create, cloud integration, hybrid integration, or on-premises integration. Along with some best practices and what are the advantages and drawbacks of each approach.

Join us and reserve your presence at the Microsoft Integrate Conference DACH virtual event! You can know more about this event here: Microsoft Integrate Conference DACH.

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