I finally got a chance to take the certification last friday, and I PASSED, It wasnt easy, needs to have lot of development experience on BizTalk, It’s been in my mind since last year but due to the hectic schedule couldn’t make it,

FYI: This is now considered as a ’Microsoft Certified Technology Specialist’ certification, note: this is not mentioned in the list of exams on the MCTS page (http://www.microsoft.com/learning/mcp/mcts/default.asp)

Credential: ’Microsoft Certified Technology Specialist’
Certification/Version: ’BizTalk%u00ae Server 2004: Custom Applications’
Exam guide: http://www.microsoft.com/learning/exams/74-135.asp)

There is no skill assessment available for BizTalk 2004 certification, how ever if you are planning to go for the BizTalk 2006 then Microsoft has come up with Skills Assessment for Exam 70-235, you can take the assessment here, http://assessment.learning.microsoft.com/test/test_options.asp?regtestid=2420304&s=233
It contains around 30 -questions.

If you want some insight on the 74-135 certification,
Better have some strong development skill set on BizTalk 2004, there might be some lucky ones who might have passed, but in general I feel if you are strong in your development skills with BizTalk, then you would sail through easily, else spend time knowing the kind of errors BizTalk applications might throw and start debugging them,