It takes time to get used to using a distributed SCM, but Mercurial HG visualization sure helps. 

Branching default branch to 1.5.1 release and 1.6.1 release. 

Created VM for 1.5.1 to build hotfixes if needed.

 <target name=”refresh” depends=”clean-test” description=”Update the source from Mercurial”>
  <!– create the source directory if needed –>
  <mkdir dir=”${source.dir}” failonerror=”true” unless=”${directory::exists(‘source.dir’)}” />
  <mkdir dir=”${drop.dir}” failonerror=”true” unless=”${directory::exists(‘drop.dir’)}” />
  <exec program=”hg” commandline=’pull -u ${repository.mercurial.rulemanager} -R ${source.dir} -v –branch 1.5.1′  failonerror=”false”  verbose=”${verbose}”/>