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For those that cannot make it to a Global Integration Bootcamp event live, we will be doing live webinar for the Melbourne, Australia event (recordings will also be available after the event)

Thanks to SixPivot for providing the facility to present the Live Webinars

You need to register for each session you would like to join using the link below.

Welcome & Session 1 : API Management & API Apps

Join Bill Chesnut, Cloud Platform & API Evangelist for SixPivot, for the opening of the 2017 Global Integration Bootcamp in Melbourne, Australia and his session on API Management + API Apps

Session 2 : Service Bus, Enterprise Integration Pack & On-Premises Gateway

Join Nathan Fernandez, Director for Interprit, for Service Bus + Enterprise Integration Pack + On-Premises Gateway

Session 3 : Logic Apps, Flow & BizTalk 2016 (Hybrid Integration)

Join Tanvir Chowdhury, Principal Consultant for Mexia, for Logic Apps + Flow + BizTalk 2016 (Hybrid Integration)

Session 4 : Logic Apps (cloud adapters), Azure Functions & Azure Storage

Join Paco de la Cruz, Senior Consultant for Mexia, for Logic Apps (cloud adapters) + Azure Functions + Azure Storage

Session 5 : IoT Hub, Stream Analytics, DocumentDB & PowerBI (IoT)

Join Sonja Bijou, Solution Designer for Interprit, forIoT Hub + Stream Analytics + DocumentDB + PowerBI (IoT)