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This is another “MBV – HOW TO” post, this time about a MBV usage as some sort of periodic Monitoring tool.



MBV can also be used indeed as a  periodic Monitoring tool alerting user of warnings but w/o need to look each time at the HTML Summary Report

Indeed, since version 10.00, MBV can generate Red and/or Yellow warnings in the Application EventLog in the following Format :



Event Type:       Error

Event Source:   MBV Engine

Event Category:               None

Event ID:             0

Date:                    23/03/2009

Time:                    09:41:50

User:                    N/A

Computer:         MJPIERAUC2K3B


Category : Other MsgBox Checks

Caption : Total active ‘Cache msg’ for MsgBox MSGBOX DB 1 (MASTER) “BizTalkMsgBoxDb” on FRDSIBTS-BTS2K6

Value : 6087 (they do NOT appear in HAT or BTS MMC and large number can impact MsgBox perfs) !!




kb 944426 – Orphaned cache instances may be built in the Instances table: http://support.microsoft.com/kb/944426/en-us

You experience performance issues with BizTalk Server 2006 and throttling messages are logged in the performance log file: http://support.microsoft.com/kb/936536/en-us




This feature can be specially interesting if MBV user  has already some  tool monitoring the EventLog application


You can enable this feature with or w/o generating a HTML report.



These are for example the few steps to raise ALL REDS warnings in the application EventLog and generate NO HTML Report and Output files in the MBV Folder:


          Select the global property “Log RED Warnings in the Journal” to “True”

          Select the global property “Generate HTML file” to “False”

          If you don’t want keep history of MBV report, Select the global property “Update History File” to “False”

          If you don’t want keeping Status of MBV report, Select the global property “Update status File” to “False”



Once these global properties configured, each next Collect process will also raise in  Application EventLog all Red warnings raised but will  NOT produce any HTML or text files. You can of course  select also the Yellow warnings if you want


All these changes will be kept in MBVSETTINGS.XML located in same folderv than MBV


Now, you can schedule  Console version of MBV (BTSDBCOLLECT.EXE) to run perdiocally and it will use this settings file if is also present in the folder of BTSDBCOLLECT.EXE.


Look at this post from Richard about scheduling Btsdbcollect.exe using Windows Task scheduler :






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