EMC Consulting will be hosting a ’Connected Systems’ user group session at their London office on Tuesday 7th December. 

What is ’Connected Systems’ you ask? Well, this encompasses any technology that is related to connecting systems together, which happens to be quite a broad subject. The user group focuses on Microsoft technology in particular such as WCF, WF, Azure and SSIS but is keen to also cover patterns and practices, those that are technology independent. Essentially, if you have experience or an interest in working on solutions that require any interaction with an external system then this user group could be appealing.

The first event contains two sessions. The first will be Liberating Identity using Windows Identity Foundation by Simon Evans. The second will be on some work by Prasanna Krishnan relating to Large Data Streaming with WCF

This is the inaugural session and we are very interested in hosting many more events. The venue will be available for free use, so the only concern is making sure we have people that can provide some interesting content they wish to share with the rest of the community. Please feel free to come along and offer suggestions for material going forward. Alternatively, contact me directly.

For details on the first event and register your place now, please visit http://lcsug.eventbrite.com/