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Function category
Category description
Functions in category Collection

Used to perform a variety of operations over collections, such as cumulative sum, short, or get distinct values.

Average, Count, Direct Access, Distinct Values, Filter, Index, Join, Maximum, Minimum, Reverse, Sort, Sub Sequence, Sum Conversion

Used to convert values to specific times.

To DateTime, To integer, To number, To string Date and TimeUsed to perform a variety of operations over Dates, such as retrieving the current date and time or adding dates. Add days, Add DayTime to Date, Add DayTime to DateTime, Add DayTime to Time, Add YearMonth to DateTime, Adjust Date, Adjust DateTime, Adjust Time, Current date. Current DateTime value, Current time, DateTime, Day from DAte, Day from DateTime, Equal Date, Equal DateTime, Equal Day, Equal Month, Equal MonthDay, Equal Time, Equal Year, Equal YearMonth, Greater Date, Greater DateTime, Greater Time, Hours from DateTime, Hours from Time, Less Date, Less DateTime, Less Time, Minutes from DateTime, Minutes from Time, Month from Date, Month from DateTime, Seconds from DateTime, Seconds from Time, Subtract Dates, Subtract DateTimes, Subtract DateTime from Date, Subtract DateTime from DateTime, Subtract DateTime from Time, Subtract Times, Subtract YearMonth from Date, Subtract YearMonth from DateTime, Time zone from Date, Time zone from DateTime, Time zone from Time, Year from Date, Year from DateTime. Logical comparisonUsed to perform a variety of logical operations, such as greater than and logical existence. Equal, Exists, Greater, Greater or equal, if, if else, Is date, Is DateTime, Is nil, Is null, Is number, Is string, Less, Less or equal, Logical AND, Logical NOT, Logical OR, Not equal MathematicalUsed to perform a variety of mathematical and scientific operations, such as addition and multiplication. Absolute, Add, Arctangent, Ceiling, Cosine, Divide, Exponential , Exponential (base 10), Floor, Integre divide, Log, Log (base 10), Modulo, Multiply, Power, Round, Sine, Square root, Subtract, Tangent String

Used to perform a variety of string functions, such as trimming and concatenation.

Codepoints to string, Concat, Contains, Ends with, Length, Lowercase, Name, Regular expression matches, Regular expression replace, Replace, Start with, String to codepoints, Substring, Substring after, Substring before, Trim, Trim left, Trim right, Uppercase Utility

Used to perform a variety of additional and distinct operations that don’t fit in the above Categories, such as stopping a transformation and returning the specified error code and description or format a number or a date.

Copy, Error, Format date, Format DateTime value, Format number, Format time