We’ve all heard of a "mashup" because its one of those buzz words, like "Web 2.0", that is picked up and repeated over and over again by the journalists and analysts.  But have you actually seen one up close in the wild?  Or do you have suspicions that its an elusive beast or a myth like Big Foot or Nessie?  Well, we’ve got one of these critters in captivity for you to take home as a pet.  Play with it.  Get comfortable.  See what makes it tick.  See what tools from Microsoft are useful in building a mashup. And see if this programming style applies to something you want to do with your next application.

Litware Training is a sample "mashup" app built using ASP.NET and the WCF REST Starter Kit Preview 2. It demonstrates how to build a Web 2.0 application, tapping into popular search, geographic information, and social networking APIs on the internet. It shows how to consume and expose RESTful services.

Thanks to Ben Dewey of twentysix New York who built the sample.