I saw Apple’s latest Mac vs. PC guy commercial last night and just about bust my gut laughing but at the same time couldn’t help but feel sorry for Microsoft. The ad takes a huge stab at Vista’s UAC featuresand unfortunately rings true. However, on the positive side for Microsoft, my wife and kids were not laughing but rather staring in unbelief as they watched my little fit, wondering how I could possibly find the ad funny. And that will probably be the case for most mainstream viewers who aren’t familiar with Vista yet.
Nonetheless, it saddens me that Microsoft hasn’t produced much advertisting that sticks these days, especially with so many significant product launches this year. This one— targeted at businesses — boring. This one is better but I’m not sure the clarity message speaks to my Mom or sis. The “Wow” ads are the best, and quite good,but I simply haven’t seen enough of them for the message to stick.
What really surprised me recently was when a few of my friends, who are not tech-saavy, asked me about buying Macbooks (and they did not know that I actually own one mind you). When I asked them why the interest, I found their answers tied to the subtle messages of the Mac vs. PC guy commercials, although they didn’t admit to that influence. If that effect is more widespread, Microsoft has a problem. I would personally love to see Microsoft do something memorable that counteracts this negative energy.