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In the latest installment of the logicappsio webcast, Jeff Hollan and Kevin Lam covered off new features released this month, and also talked about what is coming up – you can watch it here:

Of note in this webcast:

Released features this month:

  • Updated Designer now released – now the cards are smaller, it’s a nicer mechanism for adding triggers/actions, and the cards run vertically instead of horizontally.
  • We now have support for manual triggers e.g. a manual HTTP trigger which replaces the v1 HTTP Listener
  • There’s a new Response action which can be used to send a response back to a waiting party (i.e. solicit-response)
  • There’s a new action called “HTTP + Swagger” which allows you to supply a Swagger endpoint, and the designer will read the Swagger and give you a first-class experience in using your API App i.e. will show trigger actions, documentation etc.
  • If/Else conditions are now supported in the designer.
  • The “connectors” we used in the old designer have been replaced by Managed API Apps – these are also known as Connections. These are v2 API Apps, and no longer use the gateway service or Zumo tokens, and Microsoft host these connections for us. You can also use any custom API app as well, as long as it has a Swagger/Swashbuckle API.
  • The trigger blade will now show you the Shared Access Signature URL needed to post to the trigger directly. Additionally logic apps will support multiple triggers (the designer doesn’t yet support this).

Features coming up soon:

  • Adding support so that recurrence trigger can be run-now i.e. run immediately – today this is only supported for the manual triggers.
  • Support for parallel actions in the new designer (this should be very cool – convoys anyone?!)
  • Auto discovery of custom APIs – they talked about how any API Apps you have in your Resource Group will appear in a separate list, which is awesome. The idea that you can call any API you like is very powerful. Link this isn with Azure API Management Services and you get a very powerful set of tools.
  • Auto discovery of workflows – you’ll be able to call another Logic App, and you’ll see a list of those logic apps inside your logic app.
  • Flow monitoring – you get a view of your logic app history, but from inside the designer so you can see which paths were taken, which were skipped (a bit like the old Orchestration Debugger I imagine in BizTalk).
  • Support for the Salesforce sandbox endpoint.
  • The trigger experience in the new designer will get better – there will be more information on the trigger card.

Jeff then took us through a demo of how to use a v1 API App in the new designer (using the JSON Encoder BizTalk Connector as an example).

Jeff has also expanded on my blog post about using BizTalk/v1 connectors in the new designer, and has included details on how to add the Swagger/Swashbuckle details to your API App so that the new designer will be able to list any BizTalk/v1 API Apps you have defined in your Resource Group – you can read Jeff’s post here: