So on Thursday afternoon, I picked up a beautiful new iPad 16gb WiFi.  As an avid iPhone user, I find the device to be everything I expected, and used it all day Friday happily.

On Saturday night, technically Sunday morning, I was leaving the home of my brother after a night of playing poker, and drove out of his driveway with the iPad on the roof of my Suburban.  My drive was 5 minutes of city streets, and somewhere along the way, on a road I was going about 30 miles per hour on, my phone took the plunge.  Now, of course, I didn’t notice this at the time.  So it fell into the roadway and I drove on.  When I finally realized it was missing when I got home, I called my brother who went out from his place, we met in the middle and he found it in the road for me.  The iPad had been in a black Belkin neoprene case I had purchased for my Kindle DX while I waited for Amazon to deliver my Speck CandyShell case, and the zipper was now ruined, so my brother left the tearing open of the case to me.  What did I find inside, after a 5 foot fall going 30 mph and then (as I would soon discover) having been run over by another car?  Here are the photos


As you can see, clearly the device was run over, likely while laying glass-down in the case on the road, by a vehicle.  The device though continues to work PERFECTLY.  The screen has two areas showing some extra brightness where I suspect it is being pressed on from the rear, but despite this incredible event that I would have expected most devices to have been destroyed by, the iPad came through a little worse for wear but otherwise unscathed.  The sides of the aluminum case are puckering away from the screen slightly, and the corners are roughed up a bit, but overall it came through amazingly well.

Thank you Apple for a quality product, and saving me from being killed by my wife when she heard about this event.