For customers currently using the Microsoft BizTalk Adapters for Enterprise Applications (aka the LOB adapters) and willing to migrate their existing projects to the WCF-based LOB adapters, here’s a tool that will help you migrate your projects to work with BizTalk Adapter Pack 2.0.

Before we start talking about the tool and the adapter projects it can be used against, let us set the ground by laying the rules for the naming convention that we will be using here:

  • Microsoft BizTalk Adapters for Enterprise Applications adapters are referred to as non-WCF LOB adapters.

  • Adapters part of BizTalk Adapter Pack 2.0 are referred to as WCF-based LOB adapters.

What does the tool do?

The migration tool accepts BizTalk project/Solution files containing schemas generated by non-WCF LOB adapters and generates corresponding new BizTalk project/solution files having schemas corresponding to the WCF-based LOB adapters, with the maps and orchestrations modified accordingly. This tool helps you to migrate the projects for the following adapters:

  • BizTalk ODBC Adapter for Oracle Database

  • BizTalk Adapter v2.0 for mySAP Business Suite

  • SQL adapter

 Where to get the tool from?

You can download the tool from The tool also includes a migration guide that describes:

  • How to run the tool

  • What steps to follow after the tool has finished migrating the project

  • Limitations of the migration tool.