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BizTalk360 v8.9.5 has been released for the public with lots of exciting new features. Many of our customers have already ugraded to the latest version and started experiencing the new features. As you know, BizTalk360 will always listen to customer ideas and implement them for the product development as like

“Software quality begins with the quality of the requirements.”

We gather those requirements through the BizTalk360 feedback portal and make sure to address customers ideas and suggestions. Based on the number of votes. we came up with new features and enhancements, with intuitive design, in our latest version, as follows:

  • Action on Send Port Groups
  • Alarm Reset Capability
  • Autocorrect Reset Capability

Above three features are the most awaited features by the customers. This will increase usability and will ease the process to maintain and monitor the BizTalk artifacts. Here we go!

Action on Send Port Groups

One of the major functionalities we are bringing is the ability to action on Send Port Groups. After getting several customer feedbacks, we are bringing this new feature in our latest release, which will ease the operation and monitoring capabilities.

A Send Port Group is a collection of Send Ports that BizTalk Server can use to send the same message to multiple destinations in one configuration. In earlier versions, user can search and view the Send Port Groups, however there was a gap in performing actions in BizTalk360. In this new version, we have added operational capabilities such as Start, Stop, Enlist and Unenlist for Send Port Groups as in line with BizTalk server.

Send Port Groups Operation

As there is a famous saying “Intuitive design is how we give the user new superpowers”, we have improved the Application Home Page UI. From now on, you can view all the available Send Ports, Receive Ports, Receive Locations, Orchestrations, Send Port Group and the associated Host Instances in the home tab for easy access.

Application Home tab

The BizTalk user can also audit the Send Port Groups activities in the Governance and Auditing sections. Once the user performs an action on Send Port Groups, it gets tracked on Application activities and User Activities with details as below.

Send Port Groups Auditing

The actions you perform on Send Port Groups are getting tracked and you can audit that on live through “Live Feed” as shown below.

Send Port Groups Live feed data

As you already know, Monitoring is one of the core functionalities of BizTalk360. With this functionality, you can monitor all the BizTalk artifacts and when the artifacts go down, you can perform actions through the auto-healing functionality, except, until earlier versions of BizTalk360, for the Send Port Groups. Now, the Monitoring capability has also been provided for the Send Port Groups.

Send Port Groups Monitoring

Note: To know the detailed information of Send Port Groups monitoring click here.

Alarm Reset Capability

Prior to v8.9.5, the alarm will get reset in two scenarios as follows.

  1. Manually select the respective alarm and Reset the Notification Counter
  2. Notification Counter will be reset once all the mapped artifact status are in the healthy state

As per the feedback from several customers (as below), we have included Auto Reset ability in our latest release.

Alert Reset limit can be set in Alarm configuration section as shown in the below screenshot.

Alarm reset configuration

Once the notification limit has been reached, the alarm will auto reset the counter after the configured X minutes.

Autocorrect Reset Capability

Prior to v8.9.5, as same as with an alarm, the Auto Correct configuration will get reset in two scenarios. The Auto Correct will get reset, once after the auto healing is successful:

  1. Auto Correct ‘Max Retry’ counter will be reset after the successful auto healing of the mapped artifacts
  2. Associated Auto Correct mappings will be reset after the alarm reset

But we don’t have the capability, to reset the Auto Correct automatically. As per the feedback from several customers, we have implemented Auto Correct Reset functionality in the latest version.

Customer feedback for Autocorrect functionality

Now, With Auto Correct parameters “Max Retry” and “attempt”, an additional parameter has been added, which is “Reset Interval”. The user can configure the time interval to do automatic Auto Reset. This configuration will reduce the manual intervention every time when the ‘Max Retry’ counter reaches it limit.

Reset Interval configuration in Autocorrect


We hope that the above features will increase the usability and reduce the manual work to reset. Are you tired of constantly having to monitor your BizTalk environment in a manual fashion? Give BizTalk360 a try and take benefits of newly added features. A trial version of BizTalk360 can be requested here.