A week ago Brian Loesgen was in town presenting at the Developer Summit here in Stockholm. Brian was kind enough to present at the BizTalk User Group in Sweden, and we pulled our resources to deliver a joint session on BizTalk Server Development best practices and BizTalk Server Administration best practices. The presentation was recorded and should be available on Channel 9 shortly. The next evening we had a second BizTalk User Group meeting with Paolo Salvatory who is a BizTalk Ranger (I know they have changed that title but “BizTalk Ranger” sounds way too cool to deprecate).
On the Saturday we took the boat to Waxholm for lunch, together with Julie Lerman and my wife. I hit upon the idea of adding some interviews to BloggersGuides.net, so I popped into the local tech shop and got a video camera for 599 SEK ($75) and recorded a short interview with Brian Loesgen.
Among the subjects we discussed are BizTalk ESB Guidance 2.0, Oslo, and also some tips for creating and maintaining a successful user group. The quality is not that great, mostly due to my camera skills, I hope to get better results when Stephen Thomas is in town in June. (I have to admit the interview idea was heavily inspired by Richard Seroter’s excellent Four Questionsseries on his blog.)
The interview is here.