Pablo Castilla contacted me about his take on auto starting a workflow with IIS and AppFabric.

WF 4.0: How to automatically start a workflow by itself hosted in AppFabric

It looks interesting.  I read the code but I have not tried it myself.  I thought I would share it with you – I’m interested to know what the community thinks about this approach.

Endpoint Q&A Chat

Also I’m thinking of starting an open chat with the WF4 team.  The idea is 2 or 3 of us get together and respond to questions from Twitter, Facebook or LiveMeeting.  The time zone problem is an interesting one.  If we did it at 8am Pacific Time that would be 4pm UTC – great for Europe but 12:30am not so great for China.

We could alternate time for different weeks – one week doing a time good for Europe/Africa, another week doing a time good for Asia.  Of course we will post recordings of the chat so you don’t have to listen live.

I’m interested to hear what you think about the idea.