Details for Version 2.0 of the BizTalk ESB Toolkit (Brian Loesgen)

Complex-Event Processing (CEP) Explained for BizTalk Users (Charles Young)

Interview Series: Four Questions With Ewan Fairweather (Richard Seroter)

BizTalk Server Best Practices Analyser v1.2 (Released 5/6/2009)

BizTalk Hotrod (Issue 6, April 2009)


  • Writing Great BizTalk Applications
  • BizTalk Rule Engine, a practical application
  • Development Challenges with XML over AS2
  • Batching Outbound Messages
  • Hierarchical naming convention
  • To Be, Or Logical Not To Be
  • Enhancing the BizTalk Mapper
  • Muenchian Grouping and Sorting in XSLT
  • Eliminate BizTalk Admin Problems with Terminator
  • Static Code Analysis for BizTalk Using BizTalkCop
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