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Another day, another resource shared! This time regarding my session deliver on Integration User Group or also known as Integration Monday about BizTalk Server NoS add-in – BizTalk NoS Ultimate – that is a Visual Studio add-in for BizTalk developers that aims to improve the experience while developing BizTalk projects. It is an extension to Microsoft Visual Studio that will offer lots of useful functionalities, mainly for developers, by which BizTalk users can save valuable time while working on their day-to-day activities and improve productivity.

About my session

Session Name: The NOS-addin – your (free) BizTalk Dev buddy!

BizTalk Server NoS Ultimate add-in BizTalk Dev Buddy

Session Overview: The NOS-add-in is a tool specifically developed for BizTalk developers. It contains all kind of features to make the life of a BizTalk developer easier and thereby less time-consuming.

In this session, I will show the different capabilities of this tool.

BizTalk Server NoS Ultimate add-in BizTalk Dev Buddy

About Integration User Group

Integration User Group aims to educate, evangelize, inform the community about various integration technologies, and how developers and architects can share and learn about the evolving integration and messaging capabilities of the Microsoft platform.


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