If you’re interested in running Windows Vista natively on your MacBook (Pro) hardware, here are some simple instructions to follow:
  1. Defragment and compact your hard drive using a tool like iDefrag.
  2. Download and install Apple’s Boot Camp.
  3. Run Boot Camp Assistant and follow the instructions to create CD containing MacBook drivers and the new hard drive partition for Windows Vista.
  4. Install Windows Vistafrom your installation media (whenever you boot, you’ll need to hold the Option key down to select the new Windows partition).
  5. Once installed, do a Windows Update and install any critical updates.
  6. Extract the MacBook drivers from the CD to your Vista drive. You can do so by executing the following command: “Install Macintosh Drivers for Windows XP.exe” /A /v
  7. Open Device Manager and try to update the driver for each device showing an exclamation, pointing to your directory of MacBook drivers when prompted. At this point, most things will work except for wireless, one USB Human Interface Device, and Performance Counters.
  8. Download and install this driver to get wireless working.Thinkpad 60’s use the same chipset. I still haven’t found drivers for the other two, and haven’t heard of anyone else who has.
  9. Download and install Input Remapper to configure your MacBook keyboard, to control the screen/keyboard backlights, and to get right click back.
  10. Enjoy your new Windows Vista Mac.
You’ll be amazed at how beautifully Vista runs on Apple’s hardware.