The new SharePoint Adapter is now included with the install of BizTalk.  Typically, in a production environment, the SharePoint site you will be interfacing with is not the same as any of the BizTalk servers.  When reading through the documentation, installing the adapter webservice on a remote machine is not very apparent.  Easy enough, just run the BizTalk install on the SharePoint box you might say.  Well, it’s almost that easy, but not quite.  The first road block is the install wizard won’t even run if SP1 (if on a Win 2003 box) is not detected.  This is a bug in my opinion.  What if I were just wanting to install the documentation, does that require SP1?  Anyway, there appears to be no getting around this point.  Don’t waste your time finding the files on the CD and copying them to a virtual directory.  So, fair enough, install SP1 if not currently installed, then run the install.  The SharePoint Adapter web service is listed under Other Software.  Logically, we would just select that, it would appear to install succesfully, and we’re all set.  Nope.  You actually need to select the adapter web service, AND ALSO Business Activity Services.  Another bug in my opinion.  Anyway, select both, complete the install and you should be fine.  You may have to go into IIS and create your own virtual directory, depending on if you went through the configuration on the BizTalk server.  Don’t forget to make sure the site the web service is running under is marked to run under ASP.NET 2.0.  And, don’t forget to edit the web.config.tmpl.