What a way to kick off the new year!  I’ve just been notified (ok, it happened a few days ago but I was on vacation) that I’ve been selected to join the INETA NORAM Speaker’s Bureau.  Stupidly happy is a massive understatement, I am a huge fan of INETA’s work getting great speakers to user groups throughout the United States and Canada, and I couldn’t be more happy to join the ranks of speakers who will be delivering interesting, cutting edge content to user groups.

When I informed my employer of this honor this morning, I used the analogy that I consider this the equivalent of being called up to the majors in baseball.  It is an opportunity to shine, but it also means that I’m the rookie now no matter what I’ve done before.

I will let everyone know once I’m in the system enough to be requested at your local user group.  Also congratulation to all those who were selected at the same time I was, particularly my pal and fellow Connected Systems MVP Stuart Celarier.