Apologies if anyone has been experiencing IE7 crashes when trying to read articles on this site (though I don’t really see why I should apologise for IE7 crashing!). As far as I can tell, this seems only to affect IE7 users on Vista. IE7 on XP appears to be unaffected, and Firefox is OK. The problem appears to be related to having a ‘blogmap’, although it only affects certain pages (articles, rather than posts). I’ve removed my blogmap, and the problem appears to have gone away.

If anyone has any further problems, please contact me via the site (once you’ve recovered from a crashed IE7 instance, that is!).

Update: The problem continued to re-occur, although far less frequently. So I played around some more. I had switched on the Subtext CoComment feature. I switched this off, and things got much more stable. So, something about CoComment support in SubText seems to cause an IE7 crash. I’ve put the blogmap back in. Seems to be working OK.