Zoiner and I are both travelling this week, but rather than cancel our meetings, we have rejiggered them (I’ve always wanted to use that word in a sentence).

So, San Diego .NET User Group Connected Systems and Architecture SIGs are doing a joint meeting tomorrow (Monday March 9 2009), and I will be doing my Microsoft SOA Offerings presentation.

I plan to show a demo I’ve been working on. It involves BizTalk Server 2009, ESB Guidance 2.0, Dublin, Windows Workflow Foundation and Windows Communication Foundation (from .NET 4.0), and Azure, all in a couple of VMs running simultaneously (off my notebook) with two networks, using 64-bit Virtual PC hosted on 64-bit Windows 7. With the exception of Virtual PC, *everything* in that chain is beta — or earlier. Now that should certainly appeal to the inner-geek in all of you!

Meeting starts at 6:00 for pizza, 6:30 for the meeting itself, at the Microsoft La Jolla office.

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