Thought id just have a little whinge about this product which caused me a load of grief the other day…..

So the background was that my development machine had a completely full hard disk which I needed to sort out. Upon investigation I found the issue was that the msdb database had managed to get very large.

This was caused because a long time ago (and I cant even remember why) I tried out Apex SQL. After a few days I decided to uninstall it and thought nothing more of it. What I didnt realise was that uninstalling it doesnt actually uninstall it (and it doesnt inform you about this), but there was still some assemblies left on my machine. Everytime SQL Server was running it was starting the Apex SQL Connection monitor which was then running in the background and regularly recording information in the msdb database. Over time it had recorded enough to fill the disk.

The below article advises how to sort this out by removing this fully so if your having a problem then try this out:http://knowledgebase.apexsql.com/2007/08/how-to-uninstall-apexsqlconnectionmonit_09.htm

Once this was sorted out its interesting to read the above article because I just dont think the approach used by the vendor of this software is a very good one. So for the Apex team just wanted to pass on a thought:

If I want to uninstall your product you should tell me if stuff is left on the machine especially if a process will be running which is going to fill my machine with useless data,