As and when we release newer hotfixes, I will edit this post.

Hotfix list for the Microsoft BizTalk Adapter Pack V1

Hotfix/KB Number Component Affected Description
950101 OracleDB An error occurs if you try executing a Stored Procedure inside a Package, which belongs to a schema other than the default schema for the user.
950854 SAP SAP Receive Locations in BizTalk stop working if an exception occurs in the Pipeline.
954539 SAP By default, the adapter treats special DATS and TIMS values (like 00000000, 99999999, etc) as an error. With this hotfix, a new set of settings are exposed to the user, to allow him/her to configure the behavior when various special values are encountered. There is a blog post here for Adapter Pack V2, but this hotfix (for the Adapter Pack V1) has something very similar.
954233 SAP ADO A “Reader positioned at invalid row” error is thrown, if you attempt to call GetFieldType() on the SAPDataReader object, if the reader is positioned before the first row or after the last row.
  SAP The SAP adapter in the Adapter Pack V1 did not support “Table Types”. This hotfix adds support for it.
  SAP ADO The option “no_conversion” does not work for NUMC datatypes. Also, incorrect values may be returned for some numeric fields.
  SAP If an IDoc Segment has a special character in its name, the adapter throws an exception that the Segment information was not found in the metadata.

Hotfix list for Microsoft BizTalk Server 2006 R2

Hotfix/KB Number Component Affected Description
942612 WCF Adapter If you use the Message Template feature in the WCF Adapter, the namespaces in the template are not passed to the Custom Binding (the adapters in the Adapter Pack will throw an error indicating that a node with a particular name and namespace was not expected).