Some of our customers have experienced problems while developing BizTalk projects that references other BizTalk projects. This problem occurs because the project reference is lost intermittently when developing a BizTalk project in Visual Studio. We have released a hotfix for this problem in December. This hotfix resolves the issue that sometimes manifests in following ways –

  • Orchestrations in the referenced BizTalk project may show compiler warnings

  • Changes that are made to the referenced BizTalk project are not propagated to the referencing project

  • XLANG errors are thrown on editing the orchestrations of the referenced project. These errors may disappear after the orchestrations are saved and recompiled

  • Local copies of the referenced project’s binaries are deleted on deploying the referencing project

  • Various errors or warnings occur in Orchestration Designer on deploying the referencing project

We highly recommend that our customers apply this hotfix. If you still see any such issue in BizTalk Developer Tools after applying this hotfix, please let us know the issue through customer support.


Deepak Jain

Program Manager

BizTalk Developer Tools