This is a question I find myself asking my colleagues often. And they typically reply with something like, “Who’s Greg?” or “Greg in accounting??”. Not quite what I was getting at


Greg Leake is a guy who works for me in the Connected Systems Division. He spends most of his time in a self-created, self-run .Net Framework testing lab; and by most of this time, I literally mean most of the hours that he is not sleeping, and some of those too.  During the hours of 9am to 2 am, you can typically find him working away in his lab.  Greg’s very passionate about helping developers, and he’s had significant successes with his projects–Interesting enough that I recently looked into his bloodshot, over caffeinated eyes and told him to pack up his servers and hit the road to tell more people.


This week and next, Greg will be presenting the .NET StockTrader 2.0, including a new Configuration Service, to .NET community user groups in San Francisco, Boston and NYC-check here for more info. We’re also posting the updates online for everyone to play with and give feedback on-we hope that you’ll write to Greg on his blog or in the forum about what’s working and what isn’t.


So check out Greg’s blog for good stories from the tour, updates to the code and more. Oh, and if you’re interested in how many cups of coffee Greg drinks in a daythe Twitter section is especially interesting.