Have you manually recreated the BizTalk Performance counters using the following link but some of the counters were still missing?

 How to manually recreate missing BizTalk performance counters



I recently had a customer that had this very problem.    The counters that did not come back were all in the Performance Counter Library called BTSPerfMonExt.dll.  I have listed them below for reference:

BizTalk:Message Agent
BizTalk:File Receive Adapter
BizTalk:File Send Adapter
BizTalk:HTTP Receive Adapter
BizTalk:HTTP Send Adapter
BizTalk:POP3 Receive Adapter
BizTalk:FTP Receive Adapter
BizTalk:FTP Send Adapter
BizTalk:MSMQ Receive Adapter
BizTalk:MSMQ Send Adapter
BizTalk:SOAP Receive Adapter
BizTalk:SOAP Send Adapter
BizTalk:SMTP Send Adapter
BizTalk:SQL Receive Adapter
BizTalk:SQL Send Adapter
BizTalk:Messaging Latency


During my investigation I had the customer export the following keys in the Registry:





I noticed that the customer was missing the GUIDs that under the “Performance” key. 

My computer’s registry looked like the following:


“GroupName”=”BizTalk Group”




“GroupName”=”BizTalk Group”



 Missing GUIDs was the reason for the missing counters.   You can manually recreate the entries but you first need the GUIDs for the BizTalk Hosts.   The GUIDs can be found in the registry under the following location:



Once you have the GUID you need to create a Key value with the GUID.  Under the newly created GUID key you need to create two String Values for “GroupName” and “AppName”.  The values will contain the name of your BizTalk Group and the name of your BizTalk Hosts.