Are you looking for the build action on an orchestration, you know BtsCompile
For the uninitiated, it is great for having a BizTalk Artefact that’s broken, or not
complete and having it not form part of the compile. It works for maps, schemas,
you name it.

I generally use it to set it for some unfinished orchestrations not to include in the
build/compile, so it does not break things….

Well, as it happens, in BizTalk 2009, it can disappear, for some reason, however I have
discovered the way of making it re-appear.

Simple copy and paste ANY orchestration in your solution, and paste it back, now the
BuildAction property appears, not just for that orchestration, of ALL of them.

It’s as if it knows, if you are copying and pasting an existing orchestration you
are probably not going to want to have it build right away.