I just published this extensive FAQ with the help of the BizTalk Server product team at http://go.microsoft.com/fwlink/?LinkID=144765.

 These FAQs about the Windows Communication Foundation (WCF) adapters consists of the following themes.   Pass it on and enjoy!

%u00b7         General Conceptual: FAQs surrounding general conceptual WCF adapter topics. 

%u00b7         Message Flow and Mapping: FAQs about how a message flows in and out of BizTalk Server using the WCF adapters. 

%u00b7         Development Libraries: FAQs to help you better understand which development libraries to use when developing BizTalk adapters. 

%u00b7         Using WCF Services: FAQs explaining how to access WCF services, and how to extend BizTalk Server using WCF custom bindings and custom behaviors.

%u00b7         WCF Endpoints: FAQs about WCF endpoints with information about service endpoints, metadata, and how to publish WCF endpoints.

%u00b7         Service Architecture: FAQs describing the service architecture and when to use a BizTalk pipeline or a WCF behavior, and the types of encoding to select when using the WCF adapters.

%u00b7         WCF Error Handling: FAQs examining how to handle SOAP faults and errors during processing of messages through the WCF adapters.