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The Microsoft BizTalk Server community is one of the long-standing powerful technical communities in the world I’ve seen in an enterprise segment. For many years community members across the world have done numerous events like user group meetings, community gatherings, innovations days etc. This following LinkedIn statement by Tord Glad Nordahl who works as a Program Manager in BizTalk Server team at Microsoft is a testament to the above statement.


Tord Glad Nordahl


What is Global Integration Boot camp?

The idea of Global Integration Boot camp is pretty simple, uniting all the community members in the Microsoft Integration space across the world and conduct a one-day event on the same day.

Beginning of this year a group of people in the community along with Microsoft decided to go ahead with the plan. Hence the birth of Global Integration Boot camp (GIB).

The date was fixed to March 25th 2017 for the first GIB and a Slack group was set up for the core organizers to communicate. As you can see from the below screen shot from Slack there are 61 members in the group who worked behind the scene to make this event a great success.

Global Integration Bootcamp

Out of that 61 people, there are few outstanding contributors (core organising team) whom I wanted to personally acknowledge and thank for their relentless work behind the scene to make this event a grand success Eldert Grootenboer, Sven Van den brande, Rob Fox, Bill Chesnut, Martin Abbott, Dan Toomey, Glenn Colpaert, Lex Hegt, Steef-Jan Wiggers, Wagner Silveira, and all those people who contributed to GIB.

The format of the event is to have 3 to 4 sessions followed by a lab exercise in each location. The session and labs are focused on the following technology stack (all related to Integration)

BizTalk 2016 : BizTalk Server 2016, what’s new, and using the new Logic Apps adapter
Logic Apps : Creating Logic Apps using commonly-used connectors
Service Bus : Build reliable and scalable cloud messaging and hybrid integration solutions
Enterprise Integration Pack : Using the Enterprise Integration Pack (EIP) with Logic Apps
API Management : How does API management help you organize and secure your APIs
On-Premise Gateway : Connecting to on-prem resources using the On-Premise Gateway
Hybrid Integration : Hybrid integrations using BizTalk Server and Logic Apps
Microsoft Flow : Learn to compose flows with Microsoft Flow

Welcome message from Microsoft Product Group

The Microsoft Product Group from Seattle Jim Harrer, Jon Fancey, Tord Glad Nordahl, Kevin Lam, Jeff Hollan, Darek Li has put together this short intro video to GIB

What are the challenges?

Anything you do for the first time is going  to raise a great deal of scepticism whether something like this will work? The organisers did a great job of convincing people across different countries, the list started off some 5-6 countries initially and gradually expanded as the event got the moments. For example  a couple of locations were added just 2 or 3 weeks before the event date.

The second biggest challenge was securing venues at different places. In majority of the countries the event was conducted at Microsoft venues and in some places the partner organisations provided the space. It’s not just the space, for a whole day event like this there are a lot of logistics need to be addressed like food, drinks, and in some places security staff etc.

The organizers did an excellent job in addressing these challenges and moving forward seamlessly.

Locations, Organisers, Speakers and Sponsors

Following table summarises all the global locations in total 12 countries and 16 locations. Microsoft played an active role across all the locations in helping local sponsors, organisers to make this event a grand success.

Country Location Organiser Speakers Sponsors
Australia Brisbane
  • Dan Toomey
  • Dan Toomey
  • Ashley Knowles
  • Lee Simpson
  • Mexia
Australia Melbourne
  • Bill Chesnut
  • Bill Chesnut
  • Nathan Fernandez
  • Sonja Bijou
  • Paco de la Cruz
  • Tanvir Chowdhury
  • SixPivot
  • InterprIT
  • Mexia
Australia Sydney
  • Rene Brauwers
  • Rene Brauwers
  • Mick Badran
  • MOQdigital
Belgium Antwerp
  • Sven Van den brande
  • Glenn Colpaert
  • Toon Vanhoutte
  • Steven Van Eycken
  • Glenn Colpaert
  • Jochen Toelen
  • BizTalk User Group
Finland Helsinki
  • Sakari Nahr
  • Karl Ots
  • Karl Ots
  • Sami Ovaska
  • Teemu Tapanila
  • Kompozure
India Bengaluru
  • Arunkumar Kumaresan
  • Sriram Hariharan
  • Deepak Rajendran
  • Tulika Chaudharie
  • Harikharan Krishnaraju
  • Shailesh Agre
  • Shree Divya
  • Sunny Sharma
  • Lohith G Nagaraj
  • Sajith C P
  • Roy Joseph
  • Rekha Kodali
  • BizTalk360
United Kingdom London
  • Saravana Kumar
  • Lex Hegt
  • Nino Crudele
  • Ashwin Prabhu
  • Michael Stephenson
  • Lex Hegt
  • Saffi Ali
  • BizTalk360
  • Codit UK
New Zealand Auckland
  • Wagner Silveira
  • Mark Brimble
  • Wagner Silveira
  • Nikolai Blackie
  • James Corbould
  • Morten Velling
  • Abhishek Kumar
  • Datacom
  • Adaptiv
  • Theta
Netherlands Rotterdam
  • Microsoft Integration User Group
  • Tomasso Groenendijk
  • Rob Fox
  • Eldert Grootenboer
  • Steef-Jan Wiggers
  • Motion10
Norway Oslo
  • Dominic Akadimah
  • Richard Hallgren
  • Communicate Norge
Portugal Porto
  • Sandro Pereira
  • Sandro Pereira
  • Ricardo Torre
  • José António Silva
  • Pedro Sousa
  • João Ferreira
  • Devscope
Spain Madrid
  • Kabel Sistemas
  • Mariano Robles
  • Carlos Sacristan
  • Felix Mondelo
  • Felipe Senso
  • Ivan Canizares
  • Francisco Nieto
  • Kabel Sistemas
Sweden Stockholm
  • Johan Hedberg
  • Johan Hedberg
  • Mattias Lögdberg
  • Mikael Sand
  • Samuel Kastberg
  • Alan Smith
  • Mikael Håkansson
  • BizTalk User Group Sweden
United States Chicago
  • Jaidev Kunjur
  • Jaidev Kunjur
  • Enkay Tech
United States New York
  • Howard Edidin
  • Mandi Ohlinger
  • Howard Edidin
  • Stephen Thomas
  • Kent Weare
  • VNB Consulting
United States Seattle
  • Thomas E. Canter
  • Richard Seroter
  • Kevin Lam
  • Nick Hauenstein
  • Jeff Hollan
  • Phidiax
  • QuickLearn

Interesting Pictures from the event

These pictures shows the depth of the event across various locations 12 countries, 16 locations, 55 speakers and 650+ attendees.

Global Integration Bootcamp - Netherlands Global Integration Bootcamp - Sweden
Global Integration Bootcamp - United Kingdom Global Integration Bootcamp - Finland
Global Integration Bootcamp - Spain Global Integration Bootcamp - Belgium
Global Integration Bootcamp - Portugal Global Integration Bootcamp - India
Global Integration Bootcamp - Norway Global Integration Bootcamp - Chicago
Global Integration Bootcamp - Seattle Global Integration Bootcamp - Australia - Melbourne
Global Integration Bootcamp - Australia - Brisbane Global Integration Bootcamp - New Zealand
Global Integration Bootcamp - New York Global Integration Bootcamp - Australia - Sydney

Missed out on GIB? then don’t miss INTEGRATE 2017

If you have missed out all the fun of GIB 2017, then don’t miss out attending INTEGRATE 2017. It’s bigger in scale, all the Microsoft Product Group team and majority of the speakers who participated at GIB 2017 will be present in a single location in London. The registrations are now open for INTEGRATE 2017 and filling super fast.

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