After getting tickets to the Mets V Cubs tonight 4 of us decided to go to the baseball.
First game and I’m very sketchy on the rules.

What a night!! Great night and I can totally see why you get hooked on it.

Chanting and cheering through the game, a home run hit came our way hit from a Cubs
player. I *caught* it(my brother was waiting for a hit all game unfortunately he was
off buying food when all this was going on) and had the match ball in my hot little

What to do next? – being my first game ever and not knowing too much
about the traditions the whole crowd erupted all around me.

I thought it was just crown banter for catching the ball, it was intense as one half
was screaming to keep the ball, the rest throw it back – either way I figured I was
done for by someone.
The game was stopped in the meantime

After conferring with some guys behind me, I ended up throwing it back as to a Mets
supporter this indicates that the ball is not worthy of keeping. (The Cub’s supporter
reciprocate while at home as well)

What a moment, what a game and what fun. Jane – one of the boys behind me later went
and bought me a baseball, as a good will gesture. Thanks Jane that’s very
kind of you.

Great fun – what a game.

Blog Post by: Mick Badran