[Via Eli Robillard] So you want to learn about the new version of SharePoint? Both Windows SharePoint Services v3 and Microsoft Office SharePoint Server 2007? Than this book is for you: 7 Development Projects for Microsoft Office SharePoint Server 2007 and Windows SharePoint Services 3.0.

Quite a long title for a 236 page book, but the good news is that you can download it for free! These are the chapters:

  1. WSS v3
  2. Building Solutions with MOSS 2007
  3. Building a Basic SharePoint Site
  4. Organizing Lists and Documents with Site Columns and Content Types
  5. Working with Features in WSS
  6. WSS Core Development
  7. Creating Workflows
  8. Introducing Excel Services
  9. InfoPath 2007 and Forms Server 2007
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