I’ve been getting this question quite alot recently, “BizTalk accessing SQL in another
domain…”, “SharePoint accessing Webservices via NTLM auth only in another domain…”

Most of the time we can find a box to stick in a User Name/Password somewhere (e.g.
File Adapter in BTS) that will more than likely solve the problem.

For the cases where you can’t or there’s some complicated RPC session (connect to \\server\IPC$ share)
that’s setup first (several MMC snap-ins for e.g.), then you’re given access, “It’s
so much easier if we’re all part of the same domain…”
speech you give yourself
over and over again….then I may have a technique to help you.

Basically we force our Windows to always use specific credentials when communicating
with the remote machine X
– on a per user by user basis.

It goes something like this:

(1) login to the local server in question under the acct that is needing access (e.g.
svc_acct) – this is usually the ‘Web App Pool identity’ or the ‘BizTalk Service Account’
(generally NOT your day to day account)

(2) under control panel -> Stored User Names and Passwords (on Vista this is ‘User

(3) Then add the credentials to suit.

Viola – happy NTLM-ing & Merry Christmas…….