I was wondering how long it was going to take to get tagged by this meme that is tracking the globe.

There are many parallel threads running around at the moment I spotted this one at Kathy Sierra’s blog and from Darryl’s blog I see this is already doing the rounds in NZ. Well Frank tagged me so now it’s my turn…

1) I was born on the same day as Elvis in the year that he died… yup that made me 30 2 days ago!

2) I run a group on Flickr called beaches that has 20,590 photos and 1893 members.

3) I broke my right arm at intermediate school and learnt to play racket sports with my left hand. I can now play left or right handed and in the case of table tennis I can play a game with a bat in each hand.

4) I have my school testimonial, university grades, and an early business article online as part of a CV I put together to secure my first job in 1999.

5) If you do a Google Image Search for Nigel Parker 19 of the 20 pictures that come up on the first page relate to me (all except for the first one)!

With Live Image Search I don’t fend as well with only 7 out of 20 relating to me.

Now it’s my turn to tag…

Let’s keep this in NZ… I hereby tag

Steven Kempton

John Lewis

Darren Wood

Tim Haines

Juha Saarinen

Let’s see if they pick-up on this…

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