After much pushing, and some prodding of the people who look after exams at Microsoft. Several members of the community got involved with Microsoft to create a BizTalk 2010 Exam.

It has now been released… have a look here

The more interesting thing to note, this exam will be quite different from exams on this topic from previous exams as the community created it, the community they knows in depth about the product.

Just look at the main areas:

Configuring a Messaging Architecture (20 percent)
Developing BizTalk Artifacts (20 percent)
Integrating Web Services and Windows Communication Foundation (WCF) Services (14 percent)
Implementing Extended Capabilities (13 percent)
Deploying, Tracking, and Supporting a BizTalk Solution (16 percent)

With a large focus on Architecture and actual development, without forgetting about deployment and support for BizTalk Solutions, an area that was sadly lacking any real content however significantly needed.

I have passed previous exams on BizTalk, and was really pushing for an exam that was not like other ones and set the mould for new exams.

Go on, get out there and have a go… here