Welcome to Integration days 2011!

If you are in the integration space, you’ll find all kinds of interesting and valuable sessions in any of the four tracks; Strategy, Public, Microsoft and IBM. Each track has six sessions with speakers from both Enfo Zystems and other partner organizations such as Microsoft.

At Thursday evening, you’re invited for dinner with entertainment, which of course will be a great time to meet up with other integration geeks (such as myself)

And the best of all -It’s all free, so sign up now!

The event starts on the 13thof October and covers four tracks, each with six sessions. The Microsoft platform track will cover the following six sessions:

Microsoft BizTalk Server and Microsoft’s Middleware vision

BizTalk Server has been at the center of Microsoft’s Middleware platform for a number of years, to provide a rich set of capabilities for services and integration. AppFabric, both on-premise and on Windows Azure provides additional capabilities as well as some overlapping ones. So what is the strategy here, what is Microsoft up to long term and short term? How will this affect solutions you create and what opportunities will it create for your company? In this session, you will get the answers to these questions.
Presenter: Marcus Gullberg, PM Microsoft Sweden

Microsoft BizTalk Server & Windows Azure AppFabric

Microsoft’s Middleware platform is currently undergoing a change, which in turn offers different solutions with unique capabilities. What is available today, and how can we today make these solutions work together? This session will cover Microsoft BizTalk Server, Windows Server AppFabric and Azure AppFabric, to show how you can extend the reach of your integration platform outside your own domain.
Presenter: Mikael H%u00e5kansson, Solution Architect, Enfo Zystems

Windows Azure AppFabric Platform futures

Where is the future of Microsoft’s Middleware platform going? How will we design, build and monitor our solutions in the future? What capabilities will we have in our tool box? These and many other questions will be addressed in this session, which will focus on Microsoft Azure AppFabric Platform and emerging capabilities such as Composite Application, Access Control Center, Caching, ServiceBus Topics & Queues and other enhancements, and Integration.
Presenter: Johan Hedberg, Solution Architect, Enfo Zystems

Using AppFabric Cache to Maximize the Performance of Your Windows Azure and On Premises WCF Applications

Caching is an integral part of an overall scaling strategy. By properly utilizing caching you can radically increase the number of concurrent users your application can service. Much of the caching information available to users today only focuses on server side caching. Server side caching is important, we will cover it in this session, and we will show concrete techniques to maximize its effectiveness . However, this session will also cover client side caching techniques. Client side techniques are often overlooked in spite of the fact that in order to truly hit extreme scale those techniques are nearly always necessary and often end up being bolted on after the fact. After attending this session, the attendees will walk away with the concrete knowledge and code necessary to immediately improve their WCF application performance.
Presenter: Paolo Salvatori and Mikael H%u00e5kansson

Deep dive: How to integrate BizTalk Server with Windows Azure Service Bus Messaging

The Windows Azure AppFabric Service Bus and Windows Azure Connect are the foundation for building a new class of distributed and hybrid applications that span the cloud and on premises environments. The Service Bus is an Internet-scale Service Bus that offers secure, scalable and highly available connectivity and messaging capabilities. Windows Azure Connect provides a network-level bridge between applications and services running in the cloud and on-premises data centers. Windows Azure Connect makes it easier for an organization to migrate their existing applications to the cloud by enabling direct IP-based network connectivity with their existing on-premises infrastructure. In this session you will see how to integrate these technologies with BizTalk Server to create solid and cloud-ready solutions.
Presenter: Paolo Salvatori, Senior Program Manager Microsoft

Baseline for BizTalk Hands-on

Baseline provides a comprehensive framework that supports the design, development and maintenance of systems integration solutions. In this session we will provide a practical example of how to use the Baseline methodology and tools to refine project requirements into a working BizTalk solution – tested, documented and packaged, ready for deployment in BizTalk Server 2010. In the process we will use Baseline documents and the Baseline Portal to highlight the main strengths of Baseline.
Presenter: Martin Rydman and Mikael H%u00e5kansson

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