Shikhar came to me because he could not process an EDIFACT message like this using the out of the box BizTalk 2010 pipeline; UNB+UNOB:1+7654321:ZZZ+1234567:ZZZ+353501:3023+UNB5′ UNG+INVOIC+UNG2.1:ZZZ+UNG3.1:ZZZ+060413:2314+UNG5+UN+D:98B’ UNH+UNH1+APERAK:D:98A:UN++13+UNH5.1+UNH6.1+UNH7.1′ BGM+1+C10601′ DTM+10′ FTX+AAA++C10701+C10801′ CNT+1:14′ RFF+AAA’ DTM+10′ NAD+AA+C08201+C05801+C08001+C05901′ CTA++C05601′ COM+C07601:AA’ ERC+C90101′ FTX+AAA++C10701+C10801′ RFF+AAA’ FTX+AAA++C10701+C10801′ UNT+15+UNH1′ UNE+1+UNG5′ UNZ+1+UNB5′ He got the following error; An output message of the component “Unknown ” […]
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